Terms & Quotes

The uniqueness of the golf course has generated some terms that may not be common to the "golf-ball" golfer.  These terms are outlined alphabetically below:
"Arbor!" An exclamation stated when an 8th or 9th tee off is hit very hard but left of the hole, causing it to roll towards Arbor Circle.

a Benning

A shot that flies right into the hoop and sticks against the back edge, named after first achiever Graham Benning.  Could generically be referred to as 'best possible hoop-love'.
curb-screw A shot coming from the road/8th/9th with enough force to get on the grass, but is rejected by the curb and remains on the road.
flick A legal shot in which the club head is placed against the ball and flicked off the grass.  Generally used when close to the hole, or when blocked or on top of a bush/obstacle.
hoop-love A shot with too much force that is kept in the hole by the back edge of the hoop.
hoop-screw A shot with the correct force that is kept out of the hole by the front edge of the hoop.
"This is for real" The statement indicating the official start to a round.  All shots thereafter can not be claimed as "practice".


Some memorable quotes on the golf course from the early years and tournaments:

"I'll start playing when its for money" - Mr. Neilson

"And how old are you boys?" - Lady selling us a hula hoop at Zellars

"You know what, don't worry about it Eric, you just keep hackin' away at that lawn, I'll fix it up" - Byron

"All I need is hole in one" - Eric

"I got my wedge and a tennis ball in the trunk" - Mike Mosier

"I'd bet Tiger Woods $50 I beat him" - Eric

"Should I take a drop or try and be a hero?" - Mike Cirocco

after a tee off into the bush on 7 during a twilight round:
"Ah f***. . . get the snake light" - Colin Cook

after a bad tee off on 7:
"Jay, what was that?" - Eric
"I don't know, I'm so nervous" - Jason

in regards to Byron removing the original tree hole:
"You got a problem?" - Byron
"Well... It's going to be kind of hard to see a hoop in the Tribune" - Eric

"That plaque is the greatest prize in all of sports." - Eric

to Colin during a brutal 7th hole:
"Ouch Cook... you're  shooting 4 from the Reichelt's backyard" - Eric

after seeing a major cutting of the Seliske tree:
"Wow, that's huge... it's usually the tree and not the pole that breaks a lot of hearts" - Eric

after viewing all the tree growth around the 7th tee before the 2014 tournament:
"Eric... it's tighter than a duck's asshole back there" - Byron