All the basic golf rules as established by the PGA are in play, except for the following exceptions:
  • The ball must stop permanently within the hula hoop to hole out.
  • No tees can be used at any time.
  • A tennis ball with some covering of "fuzz" must be used.  A single ball must be chosen by each player at the start of a round, and must be used throughout the round unless it is determined that the ball has become cracked/broken.
  • A player may only use one club for the duration of a round.  This club may be chosen by the player, but must be either 9-iron, pitching wedge, or sand wedge.  When playing in team/scramble format, a player may use the club of their partner for any one shot per hole.
  • With the exception of each holes tee off, the ball can not be picked up at any time or be "propped up" onto "higher" or "better" grass.  When playing team/scramble format, this applies only to the ball/shot being chosen by the team.  The partner/secondary ball may be placed in any manner, as long as it is within the "grip length" rule.
  • When the ball comes to rest against the curb of the circle, or any boundary edge between 2 different surfaces, the ball may be placed one 'club head' length from the edge.  The first priority is that it be placed on a hard surface (never the grass).  Second priority (and necessary, if possible) is that it be placed in a spot of equivalent or further distance from the hole, while maintaining the 'club head length' requirement.
  • In team/scramble play, the player whose shot is taken by the team must shoot first and hit from its current lie.  The teammate can place his ball one "club grip" length from the original location.  For this ball, it may be placed in any direction that does not put him closer to the hole, and may be placed on a different surface from the original lie.  The "propped up" rule does not apply to the teammates shot.
For any other rule or procedural clarifications, contact us.