Townsend Circle
Fonthill, Ontario
L0S 1E4

Course Details:
9 Holes
Par 27
193 Yards
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Annual Townsend Open held every summer, beginning in 2003
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Other Facts:
  • During the 'playing-with-golf-balls' era, Eric hit his 9th tee shot off the street light and directly hit the Potipcoe's van door.  There was no damage.
  • Eric has hit his 7th tee shot directly into the Neilson's eaves trough.
  • Holes 1-6 have multiple holes-in-one.  Mike Mosier has the only hole-in-one on hole 7 (August 2004).  Only Eric has hole-in-one'd hole 8 (July 2003 & in tournament semi-final July 2014).  No one has a hole-in-one on hole 9.  The closest has been Eric (July 2005), hitting a bullet off the tee, 2 bounces on the road, 1 bounce on the grass, and nestles up against the front of the hoop.  Perhaps technically a hoop-screw, but get real.
  • In the first townsend open (August 2003), the teams Furtney/Barclay and Ventresca/Stansfield both recorded scores of 5 on the first hole.
  • Eric has made a hole-in-one on holes 1,2,3,5 on the same 9-hole round.
  • Following a round, Eric and Mike Mosier each chugged 4 cokes in a 15 minute span.
  • The (arguably) farthest shot ever (on the fly) has been by Eric, hitting it from the hoop location directly to the upper right window of the Giallonardo house.