Terms & Quotes

The uniqueness of the golf course has generated some terms that may not be common to the "golf-ball" golfer.  These terms are outlined alphabetically below:

Some memorable quotes on the golf course from the early years and tournaments:

"I'll start playing when its for money" - Mr. Neilson

"And how old are you boys?" - Lady selling us a hula hoop at Zellars

"You know what, don't worry about it Eric, you just keep hackin' away at that lawn, I'll fix it up" - Byron

"All I need is hole in one" - Eric

"I got my wedge and a tennis ball in the trunk" - Mike Mosier

"I'd bet Tiger Woods $50 I beat him" - Eric

"Should I take a drop or try and be a hero?" - Mike Cirocco

after a tee off into the bush on 7 during a twilight round:

"Ah f***. . . get the snake light" - Colin Cook

after a bad tee off on 7:

"Jay, what was that?" - Eric

"I don't know, I'm so nervous" - Jason

in regards to Byron removing the original tree hole:

"You got a problem?" - Byron

"Well... It's going to be kind of hard to see a hoop in the Tribune" - Eric

"That plaque is the greatest prize in all of sports." - Eric

to Colin during a brutal 7th hole:

"Ouch Cook... you're  shooting 4 from the Reichelt's backyard" - Eric

after seeing a major cutting of the Seliske tree:

"Wow, that's huge... it's usually the tree and not the pole that breaks a lot of hearts" - Eric

after viewing all the tree growth around the 7th tee before the 2014 tournament:

"Eric... it's tighter than a duck's asshole back there" - Byron