On August 16 1990, two young boys, Eric Sinclair and Jason Giallonardo, met by the sewer on Townsend Circle in south-central Fonthill, Ontario, quickly forming a lifelong bond. In 1995, the boys were introduced to the game of golf and began practicing their game around their yards.  In no time, a course was established by the young entrepreneurs.  The rest is pretty much history.  Though there have been some slight modifications to the course and some minor rule changes over the years, the Townsend 9 is deeply rooted in history and tradition and is essentially the same as when it was first conceived.  Now, after many years of operation, the course has a substantial following and a high level of popularity and prosperity.

Below is a timeline of the key events that have shaped the course into what it is today...

June 1995

Jason and Eric each get their first set of golf clubs.

July 1995

The initial 9-hole course is conceived around the Sinclair tree.  Tennis balls are used in place of golf balls for safety.

June 1998

The tree and dirt hole are removed by Byron.  Eric and Jason replace this with a hula-hoop.

The 8th hole tee is moved to the opposite corner of the Giallonardo driveway because of frequent car interference.

The 4th tee is moved back 7 feet and changed from a par 2 to a par 3.

June 1999

Feeling confident in their golf game, golf balls are used.

June 2001

Realizing their stupidity and fearing damage to neighbours property, tennis balls are used.

July 2003

The initial website is created.

The 'Curb Rule' is formally defined.  Hole distances are also measured and a golf card is made.

August 2003

The 1st annual Townsend Open is held.

June 2005

The metal clothes rack at the 7th tee is removed and replaced with a smaller green rack.

July 2007

The course and tournament is first written about in public media, in the Pelham News.

July 2010

Eric wins his career-record 5th championship.  Partnered with Jason, the rule that they can not repeat as partners in consecutive years is defined.

November 2013

The big tree on the Sinclair front lawn, an obstacle to the 6th hole, is cut down.

September 2014

The large bush in front of the second tee is removed by Byron.  The second hole tee blocks are shifted slightly down towards the road.